GenRomSuite 2.7

GenRomSuite it works with Sega Genesis / MegaDrive ROMs & emulators
2.7.5 (See all)
Tom Scripts LTDA

GenRomSuite is a tiny "suite" of tools for work with Sega Genesis / MegaDrive ROMs & emulators.
Main features:
-Edit binary-ROMs header info, like game name, country codes, etc... Also it can fix ROM checksum if it is wrong.
- ROM converter: You can convert your ROMs between the BIN (raw) format and the SMD (interleaved) format. Also you can do batch conversions.
- Emulator launcher. It support up to six emulators (Gens, Kega/Fusion, Ages, Xega, DGen and a custom emulator). You can also select a ROM and launch it into
- IPS ROM Patcher: Apply IPS patchs to your ROMs. Support flat and RLE-packed patches.
-Also it can apply extra data sets, if necessary.
An useful statusbar that reports you about status and errors in the program.
- Language files support, for easy program translation.
- XP visual-styles support.
- An "Outlook-style" toolbar with shortcuts to tools. Simply double-click on a icon, and the tool will open.

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