GenRomSuite 2.7

Emulate and modify classic Sega Genesis games
2.7.5 (See all)
Tom Scripts LTDA
Create an emulated environment to launch 16-bit games for the Sega Genesis console. Modify header info to enable or optimize the emulation, such as the name of the product, regional codes, checksum reactions, etc. Perform ROM conversion between BIN and SMD.

GenRomSuite is a tiny "suite" of tools for work with Sega Genesis / MegaDrive ROMs & emulators.
Main features:
-Edit binary-ROMs header info, like game name, country codes, etc... Also it can fix ROM checksum if it is wrong.
- ROM converter: You can convert your ROMs between the BIN (raw) format and the SMD (interleaved) format. Also you can do batch conversions.
- Emulator launcher. It support up to six emulators (Gens, Kega/Fusion, Ages, Xega, DGen and a custom emulator). You can also select a ROM and launch it into
- IPS ROM Patcher: Apply IPS patchs to your ROMs. Support flat and RLE-packed patches.
-Also it can apply extra data sets, if necessary.
An useful statusbar that reports you about status and errors in the program.
- Language files support, for easy program translation.
- XP visual-styles support.
- An "Outlook-style" toolbar with shortcuts to tools. Simply double-click on a icon, and the tool will open.

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